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दर्दानक पिडा ! छोराको उपचारमा सबै सम्पत्ति सकियो ! ६ महिनामा ११ लाख ऋण, ऋण तिर्ने केहि उपाय छैन (भिडियोसहित)

KATHMANDU: The National Planning Commission has made public the draft of the 15th plan with a vision of producing healthy, productive, responsible and happy citizens. The plan adopts a strategy to ensure basic, specialised and quality health services including preventive and curative services to all citizens. The plan for the financial year 2076/77 to 2077/78 takes up the strategy to advance ayurvedic, natural, homoeopathy and other medical systems while further expanding and improving mother-child health services and family planning services.

Likewise, a sustainable health finance system is in the process of development to increase investment in health sector while developing skilled health workers at the federal, state and local level hospitals and health centres, on the basis of population distribution, geographical situation and needs. Presently, around five per cent of the total budget of the government is allocated for health services. The World Health Organisation suggests allocation of at least 10 per cent of the budget.

The 15th plan has also given priority to collaboration with the private and non-government sector while ensuring the leading role of the government in health sector. An integrated measure for preparedness and response would be adopted for public health disaster management.

Furthermore, the scope of Nepal Health Research Council would be amended to suit the changing times while expanding its reach to the state level, integrating health information system, increasing use of data at the policy-making level, minimising health risks from migration and including health in all policies through multisectoral coordination.

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